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Native Grasses

Frontier Hybrids native grasses seed for CRP are native to a variety of prairie lands across the U.S. The Frontier Hybrids line of native grasses seed includes a variety of attributes to suit the needs of your land. And many of the grasses adapt to their landscape.

Quality Assurance Program: The Frontier Hybrids quality assurance program begins by testing the seed before and during harvest, during the cleaning process and after bagging by an independent licensed lab and the Texas Dept. of Agriculture. Frontier seed tags very accurately reflect the seed you are planting.

Cleaning: Our in-house standards for cleaning are well above the industry average, insuring the best possible plantability.

Frontier Hybrids provides all the paperwork required for the FSA to issue your CRP cost share payments. Financing options are available on qualifying orders.

As always, mixing and delivery is free on large orders.

Frontier Hybrids Grass Seed Products

Big Bluestem
Andropogon gerardii
Soil: Grows well in most any moderately deep, well-drained soil
Grazing: High yielding and palatable enough for livestock to earn the nickname “ice-cream grass”
Seed/lb: 165,000

Blackwell Switchgrass
Panicum virgatum
Type: Perennial warm-season bunchgrass
Height: 3 to 6 ft
Adaptation: High Plains of West Texas and eastern NM; certain prairie sites across the U.S.
Soil: Prefers moist fertile soil, but adapts to a wide range of soil conditions
Grazing: Hardy and good grazer for all classes of livestock. Mixes well with other grasses.
Seed/lb: 389,000

Blue Grama
Bouteloua gracilis
Type: Perennial warm-season short grass
Height: 10 to 20 inches
Adaptation: Throughout the Great Plains
Soil: Medium to fine textured
Grazing: Nutritious, palatable, and eaten by all classes of livestock. Cures out in the fall and retains most of its nutritive value. An outstanding native grass.
Seed/lb: 712,000

Buchloe dactyloides
Type: Warm-season sod-forming perennial short grass
Height: 4 to 6 inches
Adaptation: Great Plains , even in landscaping and lawns
Soil: Medium to fine textured
Grazing: Excellent grazing for all classes of livestock, cures well for winter grazing
Seed/lb: 42,000 (in the bur) or 275,000 (grain)

Green Sprangletop
Leptochloa dubia
Type: Erect perennial bunchgrass
Height: 2 to 3 ft
Adaptation: Southern desert, OK, TX, FL, AZ and MX
Soil: Rocky hills, canyons, sandy soil and broken terrain
Grazing: Good grazing for all classes of livestock, especially relished while green and succulent
Seed/lb: 538,000

Sorghastrum nutans
Type: Perennial warm-season tall grass
Height: 4 to 8 ft
Adaptation: Throughout the bluestem belt of the U.S.
Soil: Sandy plains and deep sand sites
Grazing: Eaten by all classes of livestock either as green forage or dry prairie hay
Seed/lb: 170,000

Panicum coloratum
Type: Warm-season bunchgrass
Height: 3 to 5 ft
Adaptation: Throughout the Great Plains
Soil: Medium to sandy ranges
Grazing: Very palatable, quick recover, good hay. Mixes well with other grasses.
Seed/lb: 500,000

Little Bluestem
Andropogon scoparium
Type: Warm-season perennial mid grass
Height: 2 to 5 ft
Adaptation: Native in all states except CA, WA, OR and NV
Soil: Grows well in deep, shallow, sandy, fine-textured and rocky soil
Grazing: Nutritious grazing during the growing season and used for hay
Seed/lb: 260,000

Plains Bristlegrass
Setaria macrostachya
Type: Loosely tufted perennial bunchgrass
Height: 1 to 4 ft
Adaptation: NM, TX, CO and AZ
Soil: Sandy to medium texture
Grazing: Highly palatable to all classes of livestock and found in some very adverse sites
Seed/lb: 293,000

Sand Bluestem
Andropogon hallii
Type: Warm-season perennial tall grass
Height: 8 to 10 ft
Adaptation: Throughout the central U.S. from Canada to TX and OK to AZ
Soil: Grows best on loam to sandy soil
Grazing: Relished by all classes of livestock; must be grazed properly
Seed/lb: 125,000

Sand Dropseed
Sporobolus cryptandrus
Type: Warm-season perennial that grows in small tufts or bunches
Height: 1 to 3 ft
Adaptation: Southern Great Plains states of OK, TX, NM, KS and CO
Soil: Sandy , open soil
Grazing: Readily eaten by all classes of livestock during the early growth stage
Seed/lb: 5 million

Sideoats Grama
Bouteloua curtipendula
Type: Warm season perennial mid grass with short scaly underground stems
Height: 18 to 36 inches
Adaptation: Throughout the U.S. east of the Rockies
Soil: Well-drained sandy to clay loam
Grazing: High quality, nutritious forage for all classes of livestock
Seed/lb: 143,000

Western Wheatgrass:
Pascopyrum smithii
Type: Cool-season sod-forming perennial
Height: 1 to 3 ft
Adaptation: East of the Cascade Range from British Columbia south
Soil: Moist well-drained to dry alkaline soils. Clay, medium, sandy and loams
Grazing: Very palatable, highly nutritious and good winter forage for all livestock
Seed/lb: 110,000


Alamo Switchgrass
Alfalfa (for CRP)
Alkali Sacaton
Big Bluestem
B Dahl Bluestem
Bermuda (Common)
Bermuda (Giant)
Blackwell Switchgrass
Blue Grama
Buffalograss (in the burr)
Ermelo Lovegrass
Four Wing Saltbush
Green Sprangletop
Hairy Vetch
Illinois Bundleflower
Indiangrass (Cheyenne)
Ironmaster Bluestem
Jose Wheatgrass
Kleingrass (Selection 75)
Lehman Lovegrass
Little Bluestem
Maximillian Sunflowers
Native Sunflowers
Old World Bluestem
Partridge Peas
Plains Bristlegrass
Purple Prairie Clover
Sand Bluestem
Sand Dropseed
Sand Lovegrass
Sideoats Grama (Haskell) (El Reno)
Western Wheatgrass
W.W. Spar Bluestem
Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

Frontier is constantly testing, and developing new hybrids. Some hybrids not on this sheet are available on limited basis, so call for more information and let us help determine what will work best for you.

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