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Grain Sorghum

Frontier grain sorghums are renowned for their incredibly high yields and standability that beats everything else on the market -- hands down. Frontier is the only seed company that still sizes sorghum for larger seed with faster, more uniform emergence.

Frontier Grain Sorghum Products

F-222E Matures fast without sacrificing yield. Has made 7,000 lbs irrigated. Excellent for late planting or double-cropping.
F-270E Performs great on sandy or tight soil. A leader in dryland sorghum.
F-303C Excellent stand and big yields even under dryland conditions
F-305C Cream color hybrid, top yielder, excellent standability, can be used dryland or irrigated.
F-457E Very tough, stress and disease resistant hybrid that is high-yielding for its maturity.
F-505E Top yielding, drought tolerant, can be used around the Texas coast.
F-700E Top-yielding full season hybrid. Large showy head supported by a thick stalk.

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Frontier is constantly testing, and developing new hybrids. Some hybrids not on this sheet are available on limited basis, so call for more information and let us help determine what will work best for you.

Frontier Hybrids

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