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Frontier has partnered with AgVenture, the largest network of independent seed companies in the US, to deliver corn genetics and technology that truly are second to none. Each variety we carry is proven as dual-purpose for grain and silage.

AgVenture Frontier Corn Hybrids

RL6492HB (103 day) Good late season stay-green and intactness through harvest. Excellent potential.

8992YB (115 day) Tall, intact plants with highly flexible ears and dense grain with hard seed coats.

R9033VBW (116 day) Very good stalk and root strength with large ear size.

R9033 (116 day) Excellent refuge option.

R9146VBW (116 day) Medium tall, robust plants with long, girthy ears and deep kernels.

R9487YB (118 day) Medium tall, good plant health with outstanding stay green and intactness.

9581 (118 day) Large, robust, leafy plant with long flex ears. Good on variable soils with high stress.

R9717 (119 day) Tall, robust plant with long flex-ears and large kernels. Excellent with heat and drought.

Note: Many other varieites are available beyond this sample list - contact your DSM to find the perfect seed for you.


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